Airport Ground Support

AIRPORT GROUND SUPPORT Inicio E-mobility Airport Ground Support Pushing the future with electric airport equipment Battery-powered airport equipment represents an innovative version of the conventional vehicles used at airports to move or tow aircraft on the ground. The main distinction lies in its propulsion system, which, instead of relying on diesel engines, operates through the [...]


URBAN Home E-mobility Urban Smart urban energy Endurance Motive adapts to the pace of the city with advanced solutions for urban electromobility. Our commitment is reflected in the design and manufacture of Battery Packs specially created for the demands of the urban environment. Our battery systems not only power the city's electric mobility, but also [...]


MARINE Inicio E-mobility Marine Leading sustainable shipping At Endurance Motive, we lead innovation in the marine sector with our cutting-edge lithium batteries. Our batteries not only offer efficiency and safety, but also set a milestone in marine mobility, driving a more sustainable and efficient future in shipping. We manufacture lithium batteries for new construction projects, [...]

Motive Power

MOTIVE POWER Inicio E-mobility Motive Power Transforming energy into industrial drive Endurance motive started its operations with a specific focus on the replacement of lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries. Our industrial traction batteries, belonging to the Polaris Lithium line, have been successfully implemented in all major industrial traction brands. We have a wide range of [...]