Smart urban energy

Endurance Motive adapts to the pace of the city with advanced solutions for urban electromobility. Our commitment is reflected in the design and manufacture of Battery Packs specially created for the demands of the urban environment.

Our battery systems not only power the city’s electric mobility, but also incorporate advanced technologies such as GPRS, GPS and accelerometer, enabling real-time monitoring of vehicles, ensuring optimal performance on every journey.

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Last mile vehicles

Electric buses and minibuses

Street cleaning equipment

Advantages of lithium batteries (Polaris Series) in the industrial traction sector

More available energy

Longer autonomy and durability, providing more efficient and reliable performance.

Security Guarantee (LFP)

Robust and reliable protection for users and equipment, ensuring safe and durable performance.

Extended service life

Durable performance, providing long-term reliability.

Monitored battery

It provides constant monitoring, real-time information to optimise performance and ensure efficient operation.

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