Pushing the future with electric airport equipment

Battery-powered airport equipment represents an innovative version of the conventional vehicles used at airports to move or tow aircraft on the ground. The main distinction lies in its propulsion system, which, instead of relying on diesel engines, operates through the use of electric batteries.

These electric vehicles stand out as a greener and more sustainable choice compared to their diesel counterparts, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.


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Advantages of lithium batteries in pushback trucks

Zero emissions at local level

Electric vehicles eliminate local exhaust emissions during operation, thus improving air quality in the airport environment.

Lower noise level

With quieter electric motors, the noise impact on areas close to airport operations is reduced.

Energy efficiency

Electric systems outperform internal combustion engines in efficiency, allowing more efficient use of energy.

Reduction of operating costs

Due to lower maintenance costs and possible reduction of energy consumption, they tend to have lower operating costs.

Compliance with regulations

Electric vehicles contribute an essential element in environments that seek to strengthen sustainability.

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