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At Endurance Motive, we lead innovation in the marine sector with our cutting-edge lithium batteries.

Our batteries not only offer efficiency and safety, but also set a milestone in marine mobility, driving a more sustainable and efficient future in shipping.

We manufacture lithium batteries for new construction projects, covering both professional and recreational vessels.

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Advantages of lithium batteries in the Marine sector

Energy adaptability

We customise our batteries to meet the individual needs of each client, working collaboratively and in a collaborative way.

Helping the decarbonisation of the maritime sector

Hybrid and electric drive: less emissions, more sustainability.

Lower costs and space optimisation

Lithium batteries require less maintenance, weigh less and have a higher capacity and durability.

Multiple use on board

Versatile power for propulsion, energy supply and peak demand backup.

Fast and punctual charging

Seamless integration with marine systems thanks to its ability to handle high-current loading and unloading efficiently.

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