BESS Model: ST4000. Energy contained in 20 feet.

Based on our Endurance ST4000 models we design 4MWh systems contained in 20ft systems.

We participate with our customers in the design of the total system, integrate the necessary inverter and guide our customer in the selection of all BESS components.

Hybridisation with Photovoltaics

For both DC-DC and DC-AC hybridisation of photovoltaic parks. We offer integration with the inverter in both modalities and resolve any doubts in the development of the EPC.

Stand-alone battery parks

We offer the complete engineering service for the design, planning and development of the stand-alone plant.


Utility Scale

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We carry out an analysis of the essential requirements for the creation of your efficient lithium batteries. Our technical team works to offer you the best advice to achieve this.

Design and manufacture

All our lithium batteries are designed and manufactured in our facilities in Valencia, Spain. We use lithium cells based on advanced LiFePO4 technology and an electronic board developed by Endurance Motive.

Optimisation and monitoring

Through our unique monitoring and tracking software, our batteries provide our customers with all the data necessary for effective management.

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