Endurance’s marine division manufactures lithium batteries for new construction and/or refit projects,

both for commercial and leisure boats.



Tailored batteries

At Endurance, we work jointly and flexibly with each client, offering a product that meets their requirements.

We contribute to the maritime sector decarbonisation

Hybrid and electric propulsion, as well as silent navigation requirements, have a lower environmental impact due to reduced emissions.

Cost reduction and space optimisation

Compared to traditional batteries, lithium batteries require no maintenance, weigh less and have greater capacity and durability, which reduces costs in consequence.
Thanks to the development of tailor-made projects, space is optimised, which is an essential factor in any type of boat.

Multiple use on board

In addition to their use for propulsion and energy supply of equipment, lithium batteries are used as a support in energy consumption peaks, in the power supply of machinery, in the absorption of regenerated energy or in UPS systems, among others.

Fast and punctual recharging

Lithium batteries naturally adapt to the way on-board production and consumption systems operate. Indeed, they can be charged and discharged with a high intensity current, over short periods of time and frequency.

Experience and leadership

The Marine Endurance division is led by Carlos Freire Trigo, who develops and participates in various technological and innovative projects in the yacht racing sector. The company thus adds the twenty years of experience and knowledge of this specialised engineer, during which he has worked with lithium battery systems since their introduction into the sector.