Move on Lithium

Developing electro-mobility is a great challenge of the 21st Century. Lithium-based storage technology is the tool to overcome this challenge. The Endurance Motive team is prepared to manage the change. Move On Lithium!

At Endurance, we have a multidisciplinary engineering, electronics and design team.

Endurance Software



At Endurance, we provide our batteries with a monitoring software that will allow you to control your fleet in real time. At all times, you’ll know the parameters of consumption and use of your machines.


Our batteries are equipped with an acceleration recording system for measuring impacts. This accelerometer allows recording and storing the information to later analyze the impacts and accelerations of use of every vehicle.


Our batteries incorporate a GPS locator that allows you to know at all times the location of your fleet. In addition, you’ll be able to know, within a certain range, the location of the machine through the history of the longitude and length of the machine.

Quality and commitment

Quality control and manufacturing in Europe

The lithium cells we use to make our batteries come previously tested and certified by the manufacturer. Our production process starts with the control and classification of the cells in order to optimize the efficiency of the batteries.

Multi-disciplinary Design Department

Our batteries are designed according to the needs of each client and each application. We adjust the capacity of the battery and its weight to the client’s vehicle.

Development of advanced solutions

We develop the designs along with our clients, offering advanced and customized solutions depending on each technical requirement.

Design of hardware and electronic components

With the technology developed by Endurance, the assembly of the hardware is carried out in our facilities with the objective of extending the life of the battery and efficiently delivering all of its energy.