Endurance: leader in the industrial traction sector

Our batteries for industrial traction, Polaris Lithium range, has been implemented in the main industrial traction brands. With a large voltages range: 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V and 96V. We provide a broad range of capacities depending on the need of each industrial process: 100Ah up to 1400Ah.


Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs)

Hand Pallet Trucks and Driving Tractors

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Advantages of lithium batteries (Polaris Series)

No need for a specific charging space due to the fact that lithium batteries does not emit gas. therefore, they do not need a controlled place for charging.

More energy available. Lithium batteries have a discharge capacity of 95% without affecting the lifetime of the battery compared to lead batteries, which should not discharge more than 75-80%.

Extended useful life. Working in the same conditions, the number of cycles of lithium is between 4-5 times more than the number of cycles of lead.

Improvement of the internal logistics processes. The possibility of installing the lithium charger in any of the facilities optimizes the internal logistics processes.

Greater efficiency at low temperatures and a broad range of operating temperatures. It is perfect for use in cooled or refrigerated environments in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Lower energy cost. Polaris Lithium batteries increase the energy efficiency of charging/discharging by 30% with respect to lead batteries.

A second battery is not necessary. Especially useful for machines that function with two shifts. Offers the possibility of partial charges that allow it to be used 24 hours per day.

Battery monitored 24 hours per day. Our batteries have a monitoring system that allows the owner to know at all times the consumption parameters and use of the machines.

Plug & Play System and zero maintenance cost. The integration/replacement of our battery is immediate, without changes being needed in the vehicle.

Fleet control


Our batteries incorporate a GPS locator that allows you to know at all times the location of your fleet. In addition, you’ll be able to know, within a certain range, the location of the machine through the history of the longitude and length of the machine.


Our Polaris Lithium batteries are equipped with an acceleration recording system for measuring impacts. This accelerometer allows recording and storing the information to later analyze the impacts and accelerations of use of every vehicle.

Ultra-fast and efficient charging

At Endurance, we supply our lithium batteries with the high frequency chargers, state-of-the-art chargers, that are 12% more efficient and ten times faster than those used in the traditional lead chargers.

Thanks to the ultra-fast charging, you’ll be able to recharge the battery without needing to replace it. You’ll charge when convenient, only during dead times, such as scheduled rests, shift changes, etc.