At Endurance Motive, we move with the city, which is why we design and manufacture batteries for urban electromobility devices.

We provide our battery systems with GPRS, GPS and accelerometer in order for you to have information about your vehicle whenever you need it.

The city changes

Last mile vehicles

The products are delivered to us and the methods to do it must be adapted to the needs of our cities. At Endurance, we adapt our batteries to the customer’s needs according to the number of kilometres to be covered per day and the recharging possibilities.

The city must be able to move freely

Electric buses / minibuses

Tramways without rails, without catenaries. The future of urban public transport is in the electrification of the bus and minibus fleet. Tomorrow, the whole city will be electric. That is why today, at Endurance, we are working with a major technology centre to design a 48V application for use in self-guided electric minibuses. The future starts today.

Cleaning the city without dirtying the planet

Urban cleaning equipment

After the experience of replacing lead batteries with lithium batteries in the industrial traction sector, Endurance Motive is adapting this technology to industrial cleaning vehicles, which today run on lead batteries and will be replaced by lithium technology, which is more efficient and less polluting.

Endurance software

We offer specific monitoring and control software to meet the requirements of our customers.


At Endurance we supply our batteries with monitoring software that allows you to control your fleet in real time.You will know at all times the parameters of consumption and use of your equipment.


Our batteries are equipped with an acceleration recording system to measure speed and impacts. This accelerometer allows the information to be recorded and stored for later analysis of the speed and accelerations of each vehicle’s use.


Our batteries incorporate a GPS locator which allows you to know the location of your fleet. In addition, the location of the machine shall be made known, within a given time range, by means of the machine length history.